A poem by Anorexia

When the world is a quiet place

you’ll hear me call your name

I will not leave you peacefully

To be the girl you used to dream


Because, you see, I never leave,

I’m stubborn as December snow,

I will make you lose your sense of self

So you won’t ever leave my spell


You’ll hear each and every order

You won’t doubt my commands

Because if you do then we’re through

And where else will you turn?


Don’t listen to those around you

They know not what they say

They claim that I am a disease;

But you’ll love me that way


Without me you would fail

You’ll regret letting me go

But if you let me hold your hand

Together we’ll win the world


Because with my grip so tight

I can take you so very far

Further than this universe…

Somewhere beyond this life


You can either die alone

At the end of a lonely life

Or we can go together

With me by your side

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