I loved you once.

When I knew not of conscience,

But just knew of free will,

My mind felt distant unity,

Life was lived for thrill.


But I was just a child then,

The world hadn’t played sick games,

And now my mind is something else,

And I feel my old self fade.


I don’t know who I am now,

As I just try and stay strong,

Deep down I know I can’t,

As I believe I don’t belong.


This world does not want me,

My heart should not beat,

I’m an ill and twisted girl,

I am my own source of defeat.


And how can I survive here?

When my mind hates my own soul?

How can I be free of illness,

I’m dead before I’m old.


I hope one day I’ll like me,

I’ll love who I am inside,

But for now I’ll keep on hating,

And sadly watch my life slip by. 


Bulimia, you have got me.

You’ve taken light from life.

I bow down to your power.

You’re the wind and I’m the kite. 


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