Challenge day!

It is day 14 of no binging and I am close to the 2 week mark, so what better time than to face up to a challenge?

So the boyfriend (gets yet another mention!). His favourite cake/biscuit/whateveryouwanttocallit is Millionaire Shortbread. Today I am going to bake him some and I won’t even taste it. Making shortbread and caramel, and melting chocolate, would be temptation for anyone, let alone those with a sweet tooth + bulimia. I don’t know how the **** I won’t give in. Temptation will kill me, or I’ll die trying. But I won’t give in today, I promise. If I do, I know that I’ll have to read this knowing I’ve failed myself, you, my wellbeing.

This is like telling a drug addict to… I don’t know… Do whatever they do with drugs. Like telling an alcoholic to work in a bar and not drink. Like telling a smoker to stand in the smoking area empty handed.  Actually, I think what I’m about to do is very, very stupid. But I prefer to call it a challenge, it’s more dignifying and brave 😉

All I have to do is make sure it doesn’t pass my lips. How hard can it be? Easy. Chewing gum to the ready… Wish me luck! 

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